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The Journal on Centers for Teaching and Learning (ISSN 2150-2404) is an annual, peer-reviewed journal sponsored jointly by the Miami University Libraries Center for Digital Scholarship and Miami University Middletown's Center for Teaching and Learning.

The Journal on Centers for Teaching and Learning represents a site through which Centers for Teaching and Learning (CTL) staff can engage in conversations, explore their relevance to their own institutional situations, and imagine new possibilities to take back to these institutions — not to mention new ways of looking at the conversations already at work there. While multiple publications deal with pedagogical issues in specific fields and with issues addressed by CTLs more broadly, JCTL is designed to focus on the operations, achievements, and potentials of CTLs themselves. JCTL provides a space not only through which CTL workers can report on the ways such centers might, and have already, intervened in the nooks, crannies, and center stages of their institutions to improve the educational experiences of students, but also provides space for contributors and their readers to examine the many nooks, crannies, and stages of CTL work itself. In short, JCTL provides space and time for those involved with teaching and learning centers to think deeply about their role and possible roles and to share and debate ideas on how best to develop and maintain pedagogical innovations at their respective campuses.

In our sixth issue:

Volume 6 (2014)

  1. Foreword: The Changing Landscape of Faculty Development at Small Colleges. Sorcinelli, M. D.
  2. Supporting Teaching and Learning at Small Colleges--Past, Present, & Future: A Message From the Guest Editor. Reder, M.
  3. Difficult Conversations We're NOT Having: Mixed-Group Perspective Taking and Diversity Education at a Small College. Bowen, J. L., & Shope, J. H.
  4. The Growth Mindset Approach: A Threshold Concept in Course Redesign. Boyd, D. E.
  5. Faculty Developer as Change Agent: A Conceptual Model for Small Institutions and Beyond. Grupp, L. L.
  6. Facilitating Mentoring Across Three Models of Faculty Work: Mentoring Within a Community of Practice for Faculty Development. Calderwood, P. E., & Klaf, S.
  7. The Care and Maintenance of Faculty Culture: A Small College Curricular Approach. Zimmerman, C., & Rutz, C.

Our latest issue:

Volume 7 (2015) -- Circulating the CTL

With this issue, JCTL hopefully extends its own reach through its new, open-source platform. This platform invites anyone coming to our site with an interest in the possibilities of CTLs to examine previous issues as well as this current volume. And, like any scholarly journal, we will continue to rely on submissions, the life’s blood of our work, to help us enhance JCTL’s role as a central point through which the insights and accomplishes of CTLs across the world might circulate.